Mini Grid Systems

Mini Grid Systems

Mini Grid / Decentralized systems can be supplied from different sources of renewable energy. The source of electricity may be solar, wind or hydro. Ownership of the systems depend on the business model applied when implementing decentralised systems.

Mini Grids / Decentralised systems are ideal in isolated areas where the grid connection is difficult or not cost-effective, mini-grids/decentralised community systems are necessary.  The advantages are the low cost of energy supply, scalability, ease of addition of other energy sources like hydro or wind.

We design and install mini-grids focusing mainly on the technical, social, administrative and financial aspects in order to bring the sustainable models to customers and communities.

A community based model can be applied for where the community becomes the owner and operator of the hardware. In the case where profound knowledge and more capital is required, the private sector model can be applied. The private sector will own and operate the hardware.

A hybrid model can also be applied in which all other models are combined to benefit from the advantages of each of the models and to minimise shortcomings.

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