Solar Home Systems

Solar Home Systems

An off-grid renewable energy system is any system that is not connected to the grid and does not use power generated by main power infrastructure but generates power from renewable sources such as solar, wind, micro hydro or a combination of those. These systems can be classified as a standalone system where they provide power to a single household, energy centre or a plant or they can be classified as a mini-grid where power is provided for a community. In rural communities, off-grid power systems can offer the most cost effective way of obtaining electricity relative to extending the grid.

Having a successful off-grid stand-alone systems requires adopting a combination of techniques and technologies to generate reliable power at reduced cost while maximizing reliability. This means adding battery banks as back-up to intermittent renewable energy sources and using only energy efficient appliances to increase reliability of the system. Typically, a stand-alone system includes the following components:

  • Solar panels / wind turbine

  • Charge controllers

  • Batteries

  • Inverter

The size of your off-grid system depends on the number of factors such as the average renewable energy resource such as solar radiation or wind speeds at your location, your average power usage and the level of reliability you require. Let us help you design and size the right system for you by contacting us.