Solar Water Pumping Systems

Solar Water Pumping

Rural villages are characterized by lack of access to clean water and/or electricity for pumping clean water for domestic use. Moreover, water may be required for agricultural purposes. Whatever the requirement for water, solar water pumping systems can offer practical and affordable solutions to provide reliable water. The cost of solar panels and solar pumps have decreased drastically over the years, and now is the perfect time to invest in solar water pumping. Solar pump can be used to pump water from underground into a tank to be used later when there is no sunshine or they can be used to pump water from a lower elevation tank or reservoir to a higher elevation tank as it normally happens in villages. Once the higher elevation tank is filled with water, it can go down to the village through gravity. Solar pumps come in different types, as either submersible or surface pump, based on whether they are placed underwater or above the waterline. There is a trade-off between both types and your choice will depend on some design factors. Let us help you pump water either for your home, irrigation, organization or community. Contact us to get your custom designed solar pumping system.